Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

when girls talking

Some time ago, actually 4 mei 2011. my friends n I while still in high school meet at Tamansari foodcourt to spend time together. Our last meeting is when the fasting month of the overyears ago. Therefore, we decided to meet and tell each other our experiences. one of my girls (tonk") actually already graduated from college and now She works in financial company. She (tonk") talked a lot about his experiences while working, n able to hypnotize us all, make us jealous. We thought She was very lucky because from now She has been independent girl, become an independent human.waaaw! sounds very cool

when Mino and cindel not yet come, so just picture the three of us.

Jujul, also spoke about her efforts in the field of "Fashion". She plans to open aspecial women's clothing store near her town (Prambanan) . Very proud of She. She wasable to self-employment even create jobs for others as well. Hopefully she's always successful(Mino and Cindel) still exist in dance. Cindel also be one member of the "All Star Cheerleaders" Yogyakarta branch. I am Proud of She. and the Mino, began her career in the field of broadcasting and maybe someday he could be a famousdirector. (amin) 

we are young and dangerous!! hahaha
And what about me? I was still serious in college while still dreaming that one day could  become a great historian! LOL.. 

miss you all girls... miss you miss you so damn!! :(

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