Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Today I fall in love with Geometry

as usual, I go wherever definitely bring a camera and make-up kit. Actually yesterday I isthe schedule for consultation to a private dentist in Muntilan. After going through a superlong trip, finally arrived at the dentist and it turns out he's not coming to the clinic.annoyed hell! but finally I decided to take pictures in the area around the clinic, since the clothes that I use brilliant (hahahaha)

well,  this one I am shooting at the edge of the old rails are already dead and no longer in operation ..

i think this is my best pose!! haha

my favourite one!!

well, today is Agit's day. He has successfully passed several tests in order to join in one of the private bank (BCA) being an Account Officers. I hope he succesful and lucky one!!

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