Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

1'st day in Jakarta

i want to "blogging" again after for five days vacation with my classmates. Well, i'll start my review of holiday travel during in Jakarta. Before leaving the campus parking lot, i've felt "excited" becauce it would make a fun trip, with friends. Adit, is a kapten of the commitee of "this wondergful jouney" really wise. He was carrying a bag full of supplies, like medicine, food, two gallons of water, and also to bring various kinds of candy. It;s really a wise man. I'd nasked him, "Dit, why you bring super much supplies?, and you know what him respons is, "I think it's like having tweenty-one kids. hahahahha. Adit so funny and wise. On the way, I decided to sit beside my boyfriend, He also participated in a group picnic. I'm just afraid had a carsick and actually bother people a lot. Long journey we have traveled and pay off when at about in six o'clock in the morning, We had stepped foot in Jakarta. This small inn with luxurious amenities for the price of 120.000 thousand rupiahs for one night, we'll never find it without help from Kanya. She was very "Agile" so She can find cheap lodging and downtown location. Hell fun!!

After preparing and breakfast, our destination fisrt goal was the LIPI ( Indonesian Scientific Institution). I decided to wear "clothes fish" my favourit dress combine with blazer tosca to give impression of "formal looks". Magenta flat shoes, to complete all very spacious and it looks ordinary and amazing. 

my magenta flat :)

old camera

Agit :)

sun bathing :)

my friends n I

gorgeous me!!

My impression on the first day of a holiday in Jakarta is, HELL FUN!!
For the second and third i probably would "share and care" tomorrow, tonight i'm sleepy and very tired. Greetings love and kisses. :*

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  1. my english is rubbish,
    my friends dita said "Dim,where your friends?"
    ad: the promise must be approving.

  2. hay dimpil, im so sorry if you'r mad with me. I thought, we can go there (Jekardah)again someday.. I promise that's true. okey?? said sorri to Dita :)