Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Cosmopolitan looks

i sew up my plain cardi, coloured chocolate and so awesome!! i'm so proud with the results. I appylied with my "amoba" hijab print and pump shoes (nude ones), and jeans (always), i feel like women when goes to office for a work, but still with my "nerd" glases, i'm still cutes one!!
When i try to "mix n macth" it, i hesitated with the result, but here it's the result!! gorgeous isn't?? 

gorgeous isn't?

cute cute cute

Love this Photo!


still nerd!

nude pump shoes

Top : DIY Blazer with Strips Thank top
Bags : Mulberry Bags (25k)
Shoes : Pump Shoes (18k)
Scarves : Amoba Print Scarves (3k)

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