Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

when the sun kissed star

This extraordinary blouse, I found in one shopping mall in Jakarta, Mangga Dua. Plain black Bear pattern with a white plain blouse as the base material it selft, instanly made me fall in love when the first time saw it. With Kanya Nurul, Upil and Septi, we explore the mall, we hunt all funny stuff with our money that's not much. Actually, who discovered this blouse is Upil. She choose the pattern blouse "Sexy girl" and that's not my taste. But I should thank to Upil, because whit that then I found this "lovely" blouse. The price is quite cheao around 7$ only. Without thinking, then immediately we were busy selecting and decided to immediately have the blouse. Good start for this time shopping session. Not far from place of the first purchase, I stopped at a box with a big "SALE". I glanced into the box "SALE", and i saw hundreds of shoes that are cute lay with gaze ask puschased. hahahahhaha. Finnaly, I decided to buy one. a pnik flat shoes, but with access to "shocking". The last is a bag "MULBERRY" brand handbags with price 25$ which always makes me fall in love with each view.

love this looks

plain afternoon

just stay here waiting for...

smile :)


look the bear in my blouse


My last impression in Jakarta is very pleasant to spend, because with a minimum of money, we can get items that maximum. Jakarta Great!!

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