Fashion Legends

Coco Chanel

 French designer who until this day able to hypnotize almost all women in the world was Coco Chanel. She is a legendary figure who trust that "simplicty is beauty and elegancy is something that is eternal". Took off her girdle, freeing the body, soul and mind heremancipation. She tells the woman that is free its own, independent, Channel giving air of self esteem, the beauty of freedom, and independent. She always swimming against the lead, this moment of life, try to win againts, destroying tradition, blazing a new path. Channel has been a true innovator, a genius fashion.
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we all liked LBD of course. Dress this one become a "Must have item" in the closet girls. Coco Chanel introduced the LBD in 1926 and this was sweetest gift of all time for all female in the world. LBD was dress which can be worn both day and night, sexy, chic and versatile and easy to integrate with a variety of accessories and jewelry. If previously considered black color of mourining and creepy, but after the Chanel show, favourite color black became classic and stylish. 

we love you chanel, you inspire me and almost all the female in the world.